Application of Cyclic Shells in Architecture, Machine Design, and Bionics

An article published inside the International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) (ISSN: 2249-6645, Vol.2, Issue.3, May-June 2012 pp-799-806)

Emmanuel B. Yamb, Ph.D. (University of Bamenda, Republic of Cameroon, P.O. Box 8842 Douala)

Christian A. Bock Hyeng Ph. D. (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 1601 E. Market St., Greensboro, NC 27411, USA)


The principal achievements of science and engineering in the sphere of static and vibrational analysis of thin-walled objects, structures, and buildings in the shape of cyclic surfaces with circular generators are used for practical needs of people. These shells are useful as fragments of pipelines, spiral chambers of refrigerating units, as well as in spiral chambers of turbines in hydroelectric power stations, in high pressure units, in public and commercial buildings such as coverings of stadiums, and more. This review paper contains 18 references, and these are practically all original sources dealing with application of thin-walled cyclic shells. The additional photos can be found on the Internet.

Keywords: architecture, bionics, canal surfaces of Joachimsthal, cyclic surfaces with circular generators, Dupin’s cyclides, epitrochoidal shell, machine design, spiral chamber, tubular shell.

2012_5_Application of Cyclic Shells in Architecture, Machine Design, and Bionics

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